Going Home Caskets High Quality Caskets at a Fraction of thge Cost


“Will my funeral home work with me if, I choose Going Home Caskets?” 
YES! An FTC ruling enacted in 1994 prohibits any funeral home from requiring you to purchase caskets or any other funeral goods only from that establishment. This ruling allows you to purchase such goods from other sources allowing you to save substantially at a time when you need it most. 
“How can I see the funeral home’s prices?” 
When making arrangements a funeral home must supply you with a price list, upon request, of their merchandise and services. There must be an itemized price list of all services.  
“What does a traditional funeral consist of?” 
Remember there is no such thing as a traditional funeral. All decisions are yours to make and not the funeral directors. 
“What about the monuments? Why are they so expensive?” 
Many places charge for the stone, the picture and each letter. My question would be "Why?" The cost of the monument should include: the stone, the drawing, the name, the dates, and a verse of your choice. At Going Home Caskets, it is. We include all of the amenities in the price of the monument, so you are not surprised with extra charges. 
“What about cremations?” 
We work with several local funeral homes and are able to get you a discounted price. It is not necessary to buy the urn from them. We, at Going Home Caskets, offer urns or feel free to purchase them elsewhere. 
“Do you have large size caskets?” 
Yes, we have a variety of different caskets in size and materials. If we do not have what you are looking for we will work hard to find you the casket you want at a discounted price.